About Us.

We are an innovative agribusiness company that focuses on trading in various agricultural products in Somalia and Internationally. The group was founded in 2018 and it is based in Mogadishu (Somalia). 

We aim to empower our local farmers to produce quality products and to market their products both in domestic and foreign markets. Our goal is to connect our local farmers to global market to get better prices for their products. Somalia is a country with unprecedented opportunities in agricultural sector. 

We believe that there is huge potential of producing high quality crops in the country with the right incentives, knowledge and technology. In order to improve the competitiveness of our products, we offer professional consultancy services related to crop management support and supervision to our farmer partners. 

To enhance their production and post-harvest practices and to ensure that our product has been produced in an ecologically sound manner. This enabled us to provide high quality products to our customers.



Our mission is to facilitate the development of value-added agricultural businesses in Somalia, promote sustainable farming practices in the country and establish business relationships with global market.


To empower and support small-scale farmers in Somalia through consultancy and connecting global market.